Five-month old baby dies in pain at South Auckland Hospital

Five-month old baby dies in pain at South Auckland Hospital

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Auckland, July 9, 2019

Five-month old Adonis Vihaan Garrison died on July 8, 2019

We are sorry to report the death of Adonis Vihaan, a five-month old child after losing his battle for life yesterday (July 8, 2019).

Unable to bear the pain being suffered by the baby, his parents decided to allow to switch off the ventilator system and ‘let him go.’

Adonis was born premature on January 15 this year.

A very happy and calm son of Elvis and Alice D Garrison, younger brother to two-year-old Filiolus, Adonis was declared ‘fit’ at birth although one of his kidneys was dilated.

He seemed dull since he had his immunisation about two weeks ago.

On July 3, 2019, Adonis fell unconscious in his father’s arms after he was given Paracetamol as prescribed by a General Practitioner. Unable to understand what happened, Elvis called for an ambulance and was asked to perform CPR on the child.

They were taken to the Waikato hospital and treated in the Emergency Ward.

Several doctors worked together to see what was going on with the child, but could not come to a conclusion.

Emergency Attention

All they said was that Adonis was very critical, not even breathing on his own.

After a few hours, Adonis seemed to be a little better, although still unconscious.

He was sedated so that he could rest and respond to medications.

The doctors ordered a brain scan and informed the parents that they will keep him under observation for next 48 hours.

On the morning of July 4, 2019, Adonis was better. His blood pressure stopped fluctuating and was trying to breathe on his own and the parents had hope that his condition would improve.

The doctors diagnosed that Adonis had cardiac arrest when he was brought to ER and that there were chances of permanent organ damages, but could not tell anything until Adonis regained consciousness.

Flown to Auckland

Adonis was flown to Auckland Middlemore Hospital on July 5, 2019 where he was kept under close observation.

Two days later (July 7, 2019), the doctors told Adonis’ parents that he was still critical and had suffered loss of vision and hearing. Blood circulation was halted towards his brain, a portion of which was damaged.

“Now he cannot breathe on his own and depends on a ventilator,” they said.

Difficult decision

After this difficult battle of decision-making, the parents decided that they cannot see their child in pain anymore.

As suggested by one of the doctors, they decided to take Adonis off the ventilator.

Debanjan Chatterjee, a friend of the family, said that Elvis Garrison is the only earning member of the family of four and that he has not been at work since last week.

“Let us try and help Elvis and his wife Alice with money to meet the expenses related to the funeral and other costs. Any money remaining will be given to charity,” he said.

At the time of posting this story, the amount collected was $3754, against the target was $20,000. Please visit

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