Greens want extensive tax reform

Greens want extensive tax reform

Greens want extensive tax reform

Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson wants a Capital Gains Tax to be just the start of wide-ranging tax reform.

Speaking at the Party’s Summer Policy Conference, Ms Davidson told members that resistance to a tax on Capital Gains came from a wealthy elite who are holding the country’s political system hostage.

She said that the Greens want more reform including a tax rate for the richest 1% and taxing polluting big businesses and housing speculators.

In February, the Tax Working Group announced it was recommending a broad extension of taxing Capital Gains, and consideration of environmental taxes, changes to personal income tax thresholds, retirement savings, and charities.

The government is expected to announce whether it will introduce a Capital Gains Tax next month.

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Marama Davidson (RNZ Picture by Richard Tindiller)

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