Heart Foundation completes another mission in Fiji

Heart Foundation completes another mission in Fiji

Annual Charity Dinner at Pullman Hotel on November 9, 2019
Kirit Patel
Auckland, October 11, 2019

Dr Paul Musker, Georgina Ford and Dr Brian Chan

Auckland based Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation has just completed its 14th Mission into Fiji, saving lives of people and bringing comfort and solace to families.

2019 is a year of significant achievements with the Team comprising 70 Specialists drawn from New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States of America.

Suva Trainees with Educator Brenda Knowles (third from left)
Kirit Patel, Dr Jemesa Tudravu (Medical Superintendent CWM, Suva), Trustees Ambedh Sharma, Aleem Shah and Divend Singh

Significant achievements

Twenty Open Heart surgeries are a monumental achievement, with some of these being very challenging procedures where several valves in the hearts were replaced.

A record breaking 30 pacemakers were also installed, as well as hundreds of screening and pacemaker checks were completed.

In addition, more than 200 participants received a comprehensive three-hour interactive CPR training course and several on-the-job training sessions with Suva staff.

In commercial terms, these operations and training sessions would be worth $2.5 million but more importantly, these touched the lives of hundreds of Fijians and their families.

More than 500 surgeries and many more heart-related treatments including open heart surgeries, pacemaker implants, angioplasty have been completed over past 14 years.

To date, the Foundation would have completed around $20 million of treatment and touched the lives of hundreds of the people who could not otherwise afford this.

Humbling experience

The Trustees have a proud record of ensuring running the mission without any administration cost. I am humbled by the support extended by from people from various communities and the Ministry of Health in Fiji for allowing the use of their CWM facilities and some financial support.

The Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation was formed in 2006 and comprises of 11 Trustees, all former residents of Fiji, including the lead surgeon Dr Parma Nand .

Kirit Patel is a Founder-Trustee of the Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation (Pictures Supplied)


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