Kashmir Pandits petition MPs on Article 370

Kashmir Pandits petition MPs on Article 370

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Wellington, October 10, 2019

Dr Sudesh Wasoori and Pandit Tribavan Raina with National MP Mark Mitchell

A number of people of Indian origin, especially those from the State of Jammu & Kashmir, assembled at the Parliamentary grounds in Wellington on Thursday, September 26, 2019 to highlight the importance of Abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

The Indian Government scrapped the Article on August 5, 2019, redefining Jammu & Kashmir as Union Territories with the Right to Property and other Rights to all Indian citizens.

They described the move by the Indian government as progressive and essential.

Indian community representatives at Parliamentary Grounds in Wellington

Dr Sudesh Wasoori and Pandit Tribavan Raina both from Kashmir and residents of Wellington, and respectively President and Vice-President of the New Zealand Branch of the Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora, presented a Memorandum Labour MP Deborah Russell and National MP Mark Mitchell, which contained salient features of the Abrogation of Article 370.

“The highlight of the memorandum was to raise the awareness of the impact of atrocities committed by Pakistan sponsored and some local terrorists on Kashmiri Pandits. Thirty years ago, because of violence and brutal crimes committed by Pakistan sponsored barbaric terrorists, peace loving, non-violent and academically-gifted community was forced to leave their native place (Kashmir) and became refugees in their own country,” Dr Wasoori said.

He said that the Memorandum mentioned about Pakistan Army’s aggression in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) and Baluchistan.

“Change in demographics of minority groups in Pakistan, who are victims of senseless violence was also presented as a worrying concern, that world needs to take note of and accordingly act on it. For example, at the time of the partition of the sub-continent in 1947, there were over 23% of minority groups in Pakistan.  That number has decreased to 3.7%. There can only be one reason – these minority groups have either been suppressed or forced to change their religion,” Dr Wasoori said.

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