Lofty plans to promote a piece of history

As a part of the Annual Plan (2013-2014) of the Auckland Council, the Third Local Board Agreement of the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board accounts for a number of development activities.

Local activities, programmes and services, undertaken as per public submissions, fall within a tight funding envelope.

A new policy for 2013/2014 affects admission charges for the Otara and Papatoetoe swimming pools.

For many years, there has been no charge for pool entry. The costs were covered by the old Manukau City Council rates.

A new region-wide policy meant that there would be no charge for children, but adults would have been asked to pay $3.10 to use the pools from April 2013. The board was able to vary this policy locally, but needed to fund any reduced revenue.

Subsidy entry

In consultation on the draft Local Board Agreement, the Board put forward options for subsidised entry to pools to secure important social and health benefits.

The Board sought public feedback specifically on its proposal to introduce a targeted rate to subsidise costs so that adults can use swimming pools with no or low charge for access.

After considering the feedback, the Board decided to go ahead with the no-entry charge proposal. A targeted rate estimated at $31 per household will make up the reduced revenue.

Other initiatives focus on revitalising our town centres; upgrading parks and community facilities; supporting economic development initiatives and funding local events.

Sports venue

The Board was proud to be involved in the Youth Connections Project, helping young people transition successfully from school to training or employment.

Development of a multi-sport facility at Ngati Otara Park will provide Otara Sports Clubs with a high quality venue for competition and training. The adjoining marae development will also provide an important local facility.

Other open space developments include a motorsport park at Colin Dale Park, artificial turf for Papatoetoe Recreation Centre and the Rongomai Sports Centre.

The Board acknowledged the significant contribution of the Glenn Family Foundation to Otara, working on the development of a Family Centre to tackle family violence and a cycle track at Ngati Otara Park.

Metro Centre

At Manukau, the Council is keen to build a strong Metro Business Centre. Providing quality open space for the increasing population is an important goal. Improvements to Hayman Park near the new MIT campus and transport hub will enhance those developments.

Improved connections with the AUT campus are also important.

The Council will continue to support the Manukau Central Business Association and advocate solutions for improved transport and community issues, including a Sinking Lid Policy for liquor outlets and gambling venues.

The Council will continue to lobby on behalf of the community in support of regulation of street prostitution.

Supporting events such as Diwali and Polyfest, working together to achieve loftier goals are also envisaged in the Council’s Plan.

The above is a slightly modified version of the Report presented by John McCracken, Chairperson Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board

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