Move to Auckland augurs well

When Raman Chauhan established ‘R Jay Financial Services Limited’ in Wanganui on July 24, 2012, the chief objective was to create awareness among the members of the community that there can be a better way of obtaining mortgages with higher levels of expertise and service.

“We believe that we have access to the best providers in the market to help our customers to get the most competitive deals these providers have on offer,” he said.

Marking the second anniversary of the company, Mr Chauhan moved to Auckland, because there are opportunities to serve a larger clientele, even while extending products and services to Wanganui customers.

Various services

“We provide advice and mortgage implementation service. We also do debt restructuring, which can help clients save money and finish off their home loan faster. We do home loans, business loans, commercial loans,” he said.

R Jay Financial Services also provides a wide range of insurance services including Life, Trauma, Health, Funeral, Income and Mortgage Protection Insurance.

Mr Chauhan said that his company offers competitive rates for those seeking Home and Contents Insurance covers.

Personal Loans

He said that subject to rules and practices in force, his Company arranges Personal Loans that can be used for a specific purpose or to have the cash handy when needed.

“We can also consolidate debts such as credit cards, hire purchase and other consumer debts into one Personal Loan, lowering interest rate and saving money,” he said.

Three-step process

Mr Chauhan follows a simple, three-step process to determine the mortgage and insurance needs of clients.

They are (1) Determine the current situation and discuss client’s needs (2) Assess the insurance needs and discuss the best package possible and (3) Contact the relevant insurer

to prepare a better policy

“We also provide mobile services and visit clients at their place. We also offer free iPad promotion to customers needing mortgage and insurance, subject to terms and conditions.

Our experienced and expert advisor offers professional services and advice,” Mr Chauhan said.

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