MP brings about improvement in Mount Roskill

MP brings about improvement in Mount Roskill
Dr Parmjeet Parmar

Auckland, September 14, 2019

After months of delay, Auckland Transport (AT) is finally taking action on my call for improvements to be made to a key intersection in the Mt Roskill electorate in Auckland.

I presented a petition to AT requesting that a roundabout be built at the intersection of Arundel Street, Rogan Street and Stamford Park Road.

This intersection has been the scene of several accidents and many near misses, a concern raised with me by residents in the local area and from people who travel along these streets.

I got a real sense for the community’s worry around safety on these roads and their view that constructing a roundabout would be the most appropriate solution.

Arundel Street, Rogan Street and Stamford Park Road Intersection (Picture from National Party website)

Alternative Options

In reply to my petition, AT said that it would consider alternative options to improving the safety of this intersection.

Now, after months of persistently chasing AT I am thrilled to announce that they have now agreed to build a roundabout at this intersection with consultation beginning at the end of this year.

Residents in the local area and people, both motorists and pedestrians, who travel along these streets will be delighted that progress is now finally being made.

I am glad that AT has changed its minds on this issue. I want to thank everyone who signed my petition and made this possible.

Dr Parmjeet Parmar is Member of Parliament on National Party List.

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