New Mobile App a boon to children and ECE

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From Unicorns to Fairies, Mythical Creatures have contributed their mite to honing of the fantasy world of children.

Parents and educators have tried to unveil the Pegasus and narrate social stories.

But have the children grasped them?

‘Ready for Big School’ assists parents and early childhood educators in this task, while being a toddler’s best friend.

Good blend

A brainchild of Abel Tutagalevao, Managing Director of the Auckland based Cultural Hubb Limited, ‘Ready for Big School’ is a blend of stories and games.

Launched globally last month on Google Play Store and App Store, this Storybook Gaming App aids toddlers and pre-schoolers during their transitioning phase from kindergarten to primary school.

Multiple languages

Priced at US$ 7.99 for children in the two-to-five years age group, the App, initially in English, will soon be available in Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Hindi and many other languages with updates. Please check for languages availability in both iPhone and Android versions of mobile phones.

Mr Tutagalevao said that the App represents a technological leap in the educational sector, with social stories in the form of games for smart and happy children to prepare for school.

Real-life experience

“It also provides a supportive and enthusiastic real-life experience for children to be positive and have a sense of belonging in a new school environment. Key concepts such as confidently approaching tasks and morning routines, following instructions, forming friendships, working in groups, being courageous in trying new things, coping with emotions and learning about words and numbers are all covered to inspire learning. Use of this App will boost a child’s confidence and help in developing independence,” he said.

Helping ASD children

‘Ready for Big School’ helps toddlers coming from different walks of life, especially those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by providing audio and visual cues for better understanding.

Mr Tutagalevao described the App as a ‘game changer.’

“This will empower and boost a child’s confidence to become a more settled and be school-ready. It will be a lifetime of learning, help reduce a busy parent’s anxiety, complement many school readiness programmes throughout the world.” he said.

With a big focus on supporting early childhood development both with an academic and life skills focus, ‘Ready for Big School’ explores the idea of going to school for the first time and helps children face the upcoming challenges with excitement and fun.

For additional information, please contact Anjali Debora Barboza.

Ready for Big School: Apps Homepage (Supplied)

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