Newspaper faces charges of breaching privacy

Staff Reporter –

Proceedings have been filed against an Indian newspaper in New Zealand.

It is understood that the complainant, an Indian woman, alleged that the newspaper had breached her privacy in one of its publications.

The lawyer for the complainant, Gurbrinder Aulakh, Barrister & Solicitor, confirmed to Indian Newslink that her client had initially filed a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner who had given a finding against the newspaper confirming that it had breached her privacy.

Mr Aulakh said that since the newspaper failed to apologise and settle satisfactorily, proceedings were lodged with the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

When asked to answer some of the other questions regarding the complainant, respondent and proceedings, Mr Aulakh declined to comment further saying, “Since it is a very sensitive matter which is before the appropriate legal forum, I would like to respect the privacy of her client and the respondent.”

The matter will come up for hearing in early January.

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