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The goal machine has a field day

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For Viraf and Pearl Todywalla of Bucklands Beach in East Auckland, the festive season this year would have special significance, for their son Arzan has made them proud again with his feats in Soccer.

The fifteen-year-old rising star visited the United Kingdom to represent New Zealand at the Super Cup NI 2016 in Northern Ireland. Formerly known as the ‘North Ireland Milk Cup,’ this year’s event was held from July 24 to July 29.

Arzan and his group visited London and Barcelona where his team played matches against professional teams.

As well as being recognised as the ‘Star Player,’ he won the ‘Player of the Tour’ Award for scoring the maximum goals in Under 16 MS Select New Zealand Team.

He scored a hat-trick (three goals) against the Alset, Columbia team and was awarded the ‘Alset Columbia Football Club Flag, becoming the ‘Player of the Day.’

His team won a Silver Medal.

Strong passion

Arzan’s passion for Soccer is as strong as his professionalism and Arzan has been playing not only for teams of his age but also for older teams.

The first international highlight in Arzan’s career occurred in 2014, when he was selected for trials at the Birmingham City Football Club. It was an opportunity that very few youngsters would ever achieve at that stage. Looking at his immense potential, the Birmingham Football Club coaches selected him to play two games on behalf of their club.

His team won both games and Arzan scored two goals in his debut game, amongst a team of very talented international young players.

Last year, the Birmingham Football Club invited Arzan again for three weeks of elite training and the opportunity to play for them again. The Club again won all three games and Arzan scored significant goals in two games, evincing the interest of coaches and officials. our-achievers-arzan-todywalla-fencibles-vs-3-kings-15th-grade-web

International coaches and selectors are beginning to recognise the immense talent of this teenager and recognise him as the ‘Goal Machine.’

Intense training

Arzan trains throughout the week and his parents and sister Afreen are very supportive of the youngest member of the family. They sacrifice their time to help him reach various clubs throughout Auckland to play soccer.

As a student at the prestigious Saint Kentigern College in Auckland, he is the Striker for the School Team and for Fencibles United AFC, his Football Club.

The Club recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was a double celebration as the Fencibles United AFC emerged as Champions of the League and Arzan was once again awarded the ‘Player of the Year,’ for his sportsmanship and for scoring the highest number of goals in the season.

Prior to his Europe tour, Arzan won the Golden Boot for scoring a staggering 17 goals in six games at the National Youth FUTSAL Championship 2016.

Rashna Dorab Tata is Past President of the Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand and Trustee of the World Zoroastrian Association (New Zealand). The above is a highly edited version of her article that appeared in ‘Parsi Khabbar,’ a weekly community newsletter published in the United States of America for subscribers throughout the world.


Photo :

  1. Arzan playing for Fencibles against Three Kings- both 15th Grade Metro matches
  2. Arzan in his classic stance appearing for Fencibles against East Coast Bay- both 15th Grade Metro matches

Pictures by Madeline Thibaud



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