Perceiving Nature at her best is a bliss

Ashok Kochhar – Journey of 500 days-Imagination limits-Ashok Kochhar

“I emerge from You, and you appear to be a part of me. I am me, but when I look in my heart, I see only you.”

An artist, and his inspiration, are always one and yet independent of each other.

It is a beautiful synergy of energy that brings an artist and the muse together, from which art appears.

We have seen many great artists in history, but the greatest art is still to be found in Nature. From the vivid hues to the numerous shapes and patterns, beauty present in the world around us has amazed me since childhood.

From collecting leaves to observe their patterns, to admiring the flow of the river, I have always been in awe of the variation one has all around, only if we observe.

Reviving the essence

With the emerging urbanisation and digitisation we have forgotten to appreciate nature and the unique forms of it.

I would like to the draw attention of readers to try to touch base with the basics because the essence of life lies in being with the nature.

Since 2008, I have been traveling constantly, in last five years I did more than 150,000 kms of road travel. While traveling one encounters time again the perfection of Nature, its proportions and forms.

The lucky one

I have been few of the lucky ones, who had the blessing of being a part of many such beautiful sights and my muse has always been an ever changing, ever vibrant, and the dynamic natural wonder, which seems rather routine to many people.

For all those who want to witness it, there are innumerable forms, spread over varied regions, and each form conveys a message, which is different to every audience, and its interpretations vary from person to person.

These forms and the variation just reminds me how we are also one of the many creations of this universe, and how diverse the mould of this great artisan is, that we are all different yet connected.

Here are few images of these forms; I hope you will like them.

Ashok Kochhar is photographer extraordinaire who migrated from India recently. He is now on a unique mission of ‘500 Days across New Zealand,’ giving work to his camera and his own creative thought process. We will publish more about him and his project in the ensuing issues.

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