Photographs line the length of Dominion Road

A unique journey along Auckland’s multicultural society

Anton Blank

Auckland, October 4, 2017

Auckland photographer Paul Lambert will launch his first exhibition in association with Lot23 gallery and the Dominion Road Business Association on Sunday October 8, 2017. The exhibition stretches from one end of Dominion Road to the other.

“I wanted to celebrate the cultural mix of Auckland, which is now the third most diverse city in the world,” Paul Lambert says.

“At a time when some are trying to build walls, others are burning houses, banning different culturally-specific clothing, and blowing each other up, I thought that I would go the other way and take some time to celebrate the diversity of everyday life on one of New Zealand’s most iconic roads.

“My exhibition, called ‘Our Dominion,’ is a series of 45 portraits taken over the last eight months along Dominion Road, Auckland. I have talked to and photographed the people you would meet any day on this busy road.

Celebrating Diversity

“When we appreciate and embrace our differences, the world becomes a better place. Although we are by no means perfect in New Zealand, when it comes to race relations, we can celebrate the fact that in general it does not matter what colour your skin is, or what your religion or sexual preferences are, you are free to live the way you want to,” Lambert said.

This slice of Lambert’s contemporary photography collection reflects the diversity of Auckland’s narrative. The images mingle beauty with the politics of cultural diversity. Lambert’s point of view is both journalistic and artistic. Capturing Dominion Road locals in situ, Lambert has an eye for the beauty, colour and detail of the urban setting.

As a part of Auckland Art Week, the exhibition opens at Lot 23 on Sunday, October 8 at 2 pm. Guests will be encouraged to walk the length of Dominion Road, to view the 45 images which have been installed in shop windows and on billboards from Mt Albert to Mt Roskill.

Anton Blank is an author and publisher based in Auckland.

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