Quality furniture using ‘unwanted’ palms

Décor-conscious New Zealanders are always on the lookout for new furniture ideas, which combine innovative design with practicality and sustainability.

The Pacific Green range of Coconut Palmwood Furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly furniture products in the New Zealand market.

Coconut Palmwood Furniture is crafted from unwanted and senile Fijian coconut palms, the densely grained planks boasting a uniquely smooth surface and superior durability in a variety of warm natural tones.

Unwanted used

So, in addition to producing world standard furniture, Pacific Green supports an industry that destroys nothing and uses the unwanted.

Now, that is an industry!

By supporting an industry that destroys nothing and using the ‘unwanted to produce world-standard furniture, Pacific Green meets the criteria for environmental responsibility.

Exceptional durability

As such, the Company produces a unique and exciting range of furniture that stands out for its design, comfort and exceptional strength and durability.

Each piece of furniture is handcrafted by indigenous artisans involving a great deal of skill and labour.

The extensive range includes sofas, chaises, armchairs, bedroom suites, dining suites, coffee tables, lamps, and home accessories.

Pacific Green offers the consumer market real choice with styles ranging from colonial to contemporary – something for everyone.

This means the Pacific Green team can offer discerning customers, here in New Zealand, a complete ‘Palmwood Lifestyle’ concept, which will definitely make a difference to homes and the environment.

Material supplied


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