Ronita Sharma

Seeing men and women happy, healthy and beautiful has been my ambition since my formative years and I am happy that Forever Shine Beauty Therapy is providing me the opportunity to fulfil my ambition.

I want to be known for innovation and spirit of adventure in this competitive industry. In addition, I would like my ‘International College of Beauty’ to become a sound training ground for celebrities and young men and women to establish their own beauty clinics throughout New Zealand and possibly throughout the world.

Good Skincare

A primary objective of Forever Shine Beauty Therapy is to make people understand the importance of maintaining the health of their skin and providing them appropriate treatment. The modern style of living, dietary habits and strain affect the human skin. In addition, the weather conditions in New Zealand also create skin problems among many. These must be addressed early and with proper care.

Holistic Approach

I am glad that our holistic approach to health and beauty is considered a refreshing experience, while our honesty and integrity are the best attributes of our business.

From threading to facials to waxing (including Brazilian waxing), trimming and perming, Forever Shine Beauty Therapy offers varied services, with a proper understanding of individual clients and their needs.

Today, I feel gratified that my long list of clients includes television personalities, actors, models, students and even Rugby players.

The joy of seeing people glowing and smiling as they leave the precincts of ‘Forever Shine’ is inexplicable. There is a certain state of satisfaction, which cannot be reached with money alone.

The Award

I was honoured to win the ‘Best Businesswoman of the Year’ Award (2014) at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards Presentation Night held at Sky City Convention Centre on November 24, 2014.

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