Sania Ashraf

Travel agencies are the first and most important point of contact for business and leisure travelers and their expertise and guidance assures people of convenience of connections, and trouble-free travel.

Tourism is one of the largest income-earning sectors for the New Zealand economy. Travel agents, tour operators, hotels, motels, car hire companies and others in the industry offer professional services to facilitate comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness to travellers.

Shrinking World

Air travel has brought the world so close and easy to reach destinations that travellers need a reliable travel agent who can help them to get air tickets at a very competitive price. Travel agents should also be reliable to enable people to enjoy hassle-free travel.

Tarnica Travels, based in Papatoetoe since 2006, has been serving a growing number of clients, catering to their varying needs, facilitating businesses and families respectively to conduct their business well and connect with people.

There is a certain feeling of comfort and assurance in dealing with professional travel agents such as Tarnica Travels.

Cost-effective solutions

Sania Ashraf, who has been managing the Agency since its inception, is always keen to ensure that customers are provided with the most cost-effective travel solutions.

A Science graduate from the Faisalabad University in Pakistan, she obtained professional qualifications in travel and tourism from an Auckland based institution, to provide value-added services to clients.

Her team of three travel consultants are adept in designing travel packages to suit individuals, their time schedules and budgets.

“After sale service is key to the success of Tarnica Travels,” Sania said

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