Seema Chatly

Vibrant and extremely diligent, Seema Chatly is often found handling multiple calls with equal charm and politeness. Managing a chain of lodges and motels across Auckland seamlessly comes easy to this spunky businesswoman.

“My biggest high is interacting with guests from across the world, ensuring that they experience unique New Zealand culture and hospitality,” she said.

Owner and director of the heritage property City Garden Lodge, once the resplendent home of the Samoan Queen in Parnell, Seema is a hands-on person. Heading a young workforce in the service sector is a challenging task, especially when you set excellence as your brand image.

Seema is constantly engaging with her crew to perform at their optimal levels.

“The hospitality industry is exciting and exacting. My staff is motivated to go beyond the call of duty and ensure that our customer service stands out with prompt response and efficiency. I am passionate about keeping our lodges/motels customer-ready always,” Seema said.

Seems brings a unique difference to an otherwise routine job as a member of a team that includes everyone from cleaners to managers. Neither staff nor customers would be surprised to find her vacuuming the floors or arranging the bed if needed.

For a young girl selected to join the Indian Airforce as a pilot before marriage, relocation to New Zealand with her entrepreneur-husband Suresh Chatly was a challenging journey.

Starting from scratch, the couple have built a chain of four backpackers lodges in Central Auckland and two motels within a very short span. Seema attributes her success to her quick adaptability and enthusiasm to drive their business beyond the typical motel management work culture. Ensuring the best facilities for her guests runs parallel to providing the best workplace environment for her staff.


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