Social concerns bring up an Independent Candidate

Venkat Raman

When Aadil Basha thought of contesting in the Local Government Elections 2019 for membership at the Whau Local Board, he decided to be an Independent Candidate, rather than being supported by a Party, which, he thought may erode his independent thinking.

“There are several issues of concern to the Whau Board area, which comprises the suburbs of New Lynn, Greenbay, Kelston, Rosebank, Avondale, New Windsor and Blockhouse Bay. I believe that as a worker who does not subscribe to any Party politics, I would be able to do my best to improve the quality of life of my people,” he said.

Born in India, Mr Basha has had work experience in Dubai, making him a ‘citizen of the world’ used to serving diverse communities with their varying aspirations and vicissitudes.

Married with three children, he has made Blockhouse Bay his home and as a well-settled young man, he believes that he is ready for public service.

Unemployment, Environment

The Rotary Movement has been a great motivating factor, he said.

“Rotary afforded me opportunities to work with the younger members of the society and this engagement has made me resolve to make them stronger. Unemployment among youth in Whau (at 9.9% in the 2013 Census) is higher than the national average and I am determined to tackle this problem,” Mr Basha said.

The Meola Creek Restoration

As a Volunteer of the team that was involved with the restoration of Meola Creek, he is keen to protect the environment.

“It is great to see Meola Creek restored to its glory. Now, I would like to make our parks, creeks and our Whau even more beautiful for our future generations. Safety is of utmost importance and hence, I want to promote safe neighbourhood programmes for my Ward, install better and more streetlights and support and promote street barbecues and block parties. My dream is to build and establish my Ward as amongst the safest in the country,” he said.

Promoting Vegetation

Mr Basha said that if elected, he would introduce fruits and vegetables in open public spaces and community gardens, work with local schools for volunteers and encourage the youth to be involved in these programmes.

“I would also plant more trees, promote energy water conservation measures and provide incentives for innovation. I will work with corporates in a number of areas, including helping the unemployed get jobs. I will also find out the reasons why young people drop out of schools. I will focus on programmes that enable them to learn skills and trade,” Mr Basha said.

His business acumen, augmented by experience in finance makes him competent to manage public funds and use them for issues that are on priority list.


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Aadil Basha (Picture Supplied)

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