Study to identify successful entrepreneurial pattern under Covid

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Auckland, September 17, 2020

Sandy Geyer, Founder of EnQPractice

A Doctoral Research Study in New Zealand seeks to identify currently successful entrepreneurial leadership patterns to better prepare our future leaders, using the Covid-19 crisis as a testing ground.

Are you a business owner/entrepreneurial leader in New Zealand that has led your business through the Covid-19 crisis successfully so far?

Our future business leaders need your help!

Sandy Geyer, Founder of EnQPractice ( is an entrepreneurial leader and works professionally in entrepreneurial and student leadership.

She is currently engaged in a doctoral research study of professional practice with Capable NZ at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand.

Understanding leadership competencies

This is an invitation to participate in her study in New Zealand which aims to identify and understand currently successful entrepreneurial leadership competencies, with a view to better preparing our future entrepreneurial and enterprise leaders with these competencies.

Whilst it is understandable that many in entrepreneurial leadership are feeling fatigued and possibly quite fragile through the Covid-19 crisis, there are two good reasons to participate in this research study.

Firstly, your time collectively on this study will provide a depth of data that will help our future leaders in New Zealand to cope better with the challenges that might lie ahead for them; and secondly, as a participant, you can request a copy of the research results which could be insightful and helpful to your own business leadership journey.

Anonymity assured

Participation will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes, is completely anonymous and any volunteered email addresses will be used only for the specifically authorised purpose.

Please visit for more information about this research study or directly to to complete the survey if you qualify in the inclusion criteria.

Every voice counts! We appreciate and value your participation and contribution towards this research!

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