Tamilians plan special event to mark Diwali

Most Tamilians have a penchant to keep pace with the changing world, without forfeiting traditional values and their unique identity.

They share such a passion with their compatriots across the country; and have carved a practice of their own in marking Diwali.

The Festival sheds its light across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu, the home of more than 100 million Tamilians. The Diwali spirit manifests itself in polity, economy and society.

The media makes a vociferous statement with special issues and programmes.

While the actual day conforms to the ‘Naraka Chaturdasi thithi,’ in Aipasi (Thula), preparations begin the day before. The house is washed and decorated with ‘Kolam’ (Rangoli), betel leaves, betel nuts, banana tree stems and flowers.

Tamilians habitually greet each other asking if they had a ‘dip in the Ganges.’ Most people would have never visited Varanasi where the mighty river flows but the belief is that a ‘dedicated oil bath’ at home before sunrise is equivalent.

It is traditional for a bridegroom to celebrate his first Diwali as a guest of his in-laws, with all the attendant gifts and special treatment.

People born and raised in Tamil Nadu will strike a note of nostalgia as they attend the Deepavali feast organised by the Muthtamil Sangam on October 29 at Mt Roskill Intermediate School Hall, Denbigh Avenue.

Secretary Purushotham Madanagopal said the event, called, ‘Sangam Nite’ will commence at 530 pm.

“The programme will include music, dance, drama and a sumptuous South Indian dinner. Tickets priced at $15 per person are available with the Executive Committee members of the Sangam,” he said.

Further details can be obtained from Mr Madanagopal on (09) 6292627 or 021-2589133. Email: muthtamilsangam@gmail.com or from Treasurer Sridhar Nagappan on (09) 6201182 or 021-1802735 Email: srinagappan@internet.co.nz


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