The glittering metal spreads joy and kinship

Unlike many other ethnic groups, the Indian community has a high propensity to purchase and consume gold, gold and studded jewellery and other items. Apart from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and festivals, Indians like to keep gold as an item of security, redeemable on demand.

The Indian affinity for gold has seen sharp rise in the demand for the yellow metal even during the period of recession. According to the World Gold Council, the total worldwide demand for gold reached 3812.2 tonnes valued at $US 150 billion, of which India’s share (as consumer demand only) was 963.1 tonnes.

Indians also understand the nuances of gold jewellery, and hence a jeweller who matches that knowledge will be a successful businessperson.

Krishna Jewellers in Papatoetoe is among those who understands the needs of the market, with a desire to bring the finest and best range of jewellery.

As well as retailing a wide range of jewellery items including gold and studded ware, the showroom stocks and sells a number of other requisites for people and their homes.

According to customers, “This showroom has added value to shoppers in Manukau and other parts of the Auckland region.”

According to Managing Director Suresh Raninga, the Showroom was not developed overnight. It took months of planning, market survey and careful selection of jewellery and other items to suit every man, woman and child of every income and ethnic group, he said.

Designed by Atit Kumar Patel, it has a unique ambience, creating an environment of friendliness, comfort and convenience.

“Krishna Jewellers focuses on quality gold, silver, diamond and crystal jewellery. We source 22 carat, 18 carat and nine carat gold and white gold jewellery from India, Singapore and Dubai. We are also exclusive stockists for idols of Hindu Gods (Murtis),” Mr Raninga said.

Diligence & Devotion

He belongs to a family of jewellers and left for Fiji more than 20 years ago from his native India to join his brother in running Gokuls Jewellery in Nausori.

He worked as a jewellery repairer and moonlighted at a restaurant.

“I will open my own jewellery showroom some day,” he told himself.

Ten years ago, that dream came true, when he opened his own shop, also called, Krishna Jewellers in Suva, Fiji.

Hard work, a concern for customer satisfaction and provision of quality products and services helped the enterprise grow from strength to strength.

“Competition is good but should be healthy,” he said.

Mr Raninga moved to Auckland to take up another challenge – starting a venture at a time when most other businesses were weary of the slump in the market and the feeling of despair orchestrated by economic downturn.

In such a sense, Krishna Jewellers in South Auckland is a bold venture, with a strong belief that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

More than 15 months after its opening, Krishna Jewellers has made a distinction in the market, with a unique sense of personalised service.

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