The rage of ‘Kannagi’ puts Christchurch audience in a trance

The rage of ‘Kannagi’ puts Christchurch audience in a trance

Shirish Paranjape

Christchurch, June 27, 2019

Kannagi’s rage reduces the city of Madurai to ashes

Pavithra Maduram Ravi, an acclaimed classical dancer and singer, who runs Zealandia Academy of Indian Arts (ZAIA) at Christchurch and Timaru, gave a captivating dance performance titled “Kannagi,’ an episode from ‘Silapathikaram,’ a Tamil Literature epic, written by Ilango Adigal.

The performance was held at the Heaton Normal Intermediate School Hall in Christchurch recently.

Pavithra brought out the agony and anger of ‘Kannagi,’ in classical style.

Madurai up in flames

‘Kannagi,’ is a legendary Tamil woman who forms the central character of ‘Silapathikaram,’ (100-300 AD).

The story relates how she took revenge on the Pandyan King of Madurai, who had wrongfully put her husband Kovalan to death. She cursed the entire town of Madurai.

Pavithra’s performance was full of graceful movements and facial expressions, keeping the audience spellbound.

Pavithra with her team and some guests

Dedicated to Plunket

It was her first public performance after she gave birth to her son a few months ago.

Her husband Sandheep, who was the Master of Ceremonies, recounted the immense help that they had received from Plunket and hence organised the event as a fund raiser.

The small size of the auditorium meant that everyone present could watch Pavithra’s movements and expressions very closely, thus getting the full benefit of the performance. With excellent sound and lights, the audience felt as if they were transported back to Madurai.

It was quite special that Pavithra’s mother, Mutharasi Ravi, who is also her Guru, was present at this performance.

Pavithra informed the audience to keep a look-out for her upcoming performances.

Shirish Paranjape is our Correspondent based in Christchurch.

Pictures supplied by Zealandia Academy of Indian Arts.

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