Tournament bring the best of Badminton in Canterbury

Tournament bring the best of Badminton in Canterbury

Lahari Peddisetti

Christchurch, July 9, 2019

Division A Winners Pavan Krithinti and Anil Kesuboyina with Rajesh Thakur

Telugu Badminton Club of Canterbury conducted a Badminton Tournament for the Telugu Community in Canterbury on June 30, 2019 in memory of  former Prime Minister of India P V Narasimha Rao.

The event was sponsored by Designer Homes, Limited and conducted under the Swiss System format as a Doubles event with 32 players over 92 matches.

After the initial round, the teams were divided in to ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade based on their performances. 

Winners and Runners-Up

Division A winners were Pavan Krithinti and Anil Kesuboyina with Preetham Pagadala and Harish Bhardwaj as Runners-Up.

Division B Winners Sidhartha Daggubati and Rajeswar Peddisetti

Division B winners were Rajeswar Peddisetti and Sidhartha Daggubati with Saibabu Inampudi and Sai Chaitanya Mallela as Runners-Up. 

Designer Homes Managing Director Rajesh Thakur, who was the Chief Guest, honoured the winners and other participants with trophies and prizes.

Tournament Organiser Rajeswar Peddisetti said that the success of the event encouraged him and his team to organise such matches in the future.

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