Transparency and fairness ideals

Listening to the small but growing community in Whanganui for the past 20 years has given him an insight into the challenges and tasks to be achieved and hence Vijeshwar Prasad believes that it is time to represent his people.

He is contesting for a Council Seat in the forthcoming Local Government elections.

“There are many reasons for my decision, the foremost of which is the desire to bring accountability and transparency to the City Council. We need to create a welcoming and diverse environment which will allow people to see their differences and similarities and relate to each other more effectively,” he said.

Impressive experience

Migrating to New Zealand in 1989 with his wife and two daughters from his native Nadi in Fiji, Mr Prasad worked as a Teacher, Head of Department at several institutions in Fiji and New Zealand. He is now a Licenced Immigration Adviser and Director, River City Immigration & Tax Consultant Limited.

“As a Councillor, I will ensure cultural representation different ethnic communities, encourage Council Staff to be friendly, promote Whanganui as a popular business environment and create more jobs,” Mr Prasad said.

Awards and Associations

Mr Prasad was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1998 and a Judicial Justice of the Peace in 2000. He was awarded a Queens Service Medal in August 2005 and his memberships include Whanganui Grey Power, Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand Association for Migrants and Investments, New Zealand Association of Immigration Professionals.

-Venkat Raman  


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Vijeshwar Prasad (Picture Supplied)

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