Variety adds value to Shopping Complex

When Moshims Discount House Managing Director Mohammed Hasim Khan planned to shift the Supermarket that existed for several years on Stoddard Road in Mt Roskill (Auckland) to a larger area, he decided to create a shopping mall with a number of other retail outlets and facilities.

“Our customers shop not only for groceries but also for a number other household items. We created Moshims Plaza to have several other facilities and services,” he said.

Today the Plaza boasts of a wide range of outlets that cater to every family, every need and every person with a budget.

Following is a glimpse of the products, services and facilities:

Moshims Discount House

The largest Indian supermarket in New Zealand, Moshims Discount House has hundreds of items ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, rice, wheat, flour, soft drinks, dairy products – everything in fact that a normal household needs are available at low prices.

Sourced from manufacturers, processors, wholesalers and importers, all products conform to high standards of quality.

They are purchased in large quantities, accruing better rates, which are passed on to customers.

Which is why, almost all items including salted or plain cashew nuts, almonds, dry fruits and an extensive range of other products are offered at prices that can never be matched by other larger supermarkets in the country.

“High quality at low price is our mantra. Encouraging people to buy items, which they overlook in other places because of the high costs at which they are sold is one of the objectives of Moshims Discount House. It is our customers who patronise our growth and expansion and hence they must be rewarded constantly,” Mr Khan said.

Moshims Restaurant & Takeaway

Located within Moshims Plaza, the Moshims Restaurant & Takeaway offers a wide range of Indian and Fijian cuisine for diners as well as takeaways. The Restaurant provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, subscribing to the concept of Halal. As in the case of the supermarket, the items are made available at reasonable prices.

Moeez Ice-Cream

A wide variety of ice creams to suit most tastes

Moeen Pizza

An outlet providing a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas.

Continental Meats

A butchery offering top quality Halal meat

Beauty Touch

For those who are conscious of their beauty. Services include threading, waxing, facials, hand and feet treatment and beauty treatment.

Fashion Zone

This outlet specialises in Indian and Pakistani garments. A variety of Islamic Hijas, Abayas, Scarfs and Fashion Contact lenses are also available.

Sohals Game Centre

This is a playing area for children. A number of attractions exist, including football games, car racing and toy soldier.

The following outlets are also open:

Fish Shop

Moshims Tailoring & Alterations

Tear Fund


Opening Shortly

Hair Dressing Saloon

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