Whatever the name, quality is the same

Indian Supermarkets have grown throughout Auckland and in increasing numbers in other parts of the country, especially in areas where Indians and other ethnic minorities do their shopping.

While the ubiquitous dairies may not stock all your needs and may not be cost-effective), supermarkets of major Indian companies and mini-supermarkets such as Kwality Super Bazaar in South Auckland’s Papatoetoe would satisfy the needs of Indian families.

Increasingly, Maoris, Pacific Islanders and people of European extraction, who look for quality items at lower prices, also frequent these retail outlets.

When the Singh brothers Harjeet and Sukhbir decided to open Kwality Mini Bazaar in Papatoetoe five years ago, a few may have wondered if it was the right location.

“There are a number of supermarkets in the area, will this concept be successful?” was perhaps their question.

Giving vent to the adage, “Do not underestimate the vision of people with a penchant for business, especially those with the determination to succeed,” the shop has not only become a successful enterprise but also a preferred destination for shoppers from other parts of the City.

Harjeet and Sukhbir have had neither the time nor the necessity to look back since they started their business, with a single motto: ‘Good Service with Good Products.’

Had the doubting Thomases known of the background of the brothers, they would not have been apprehensive or worried.

With more than years of experience in retailing and grocery business in their native India (they have a wholesale outlet in New Delhi with a large distribution network), Harjeet and Sukhbir knew what they were doing.

“Everything has a link – a good location is imperative for business, followed by good products, accompanied by personalised service, all available at reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction can neither be sacrificed nor compromised,” they said.

The fact that Kwality Mini Bazaar is on the growth path with an increasing number of satisfied customers was proved when the extension project was completed two years ago, in time for the Diwali celebrations.

“We owe our growth to our customers,” Sukhbir Singh said.


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