Women In Business – Arpita Chanda

Relationship Manager (Highland Park, Auckland)

Arpita has worked for Westpac for eight years in a number of important roles including Wealth specialist, Banking Consultant, and Relationship Manager.

Arpita immigrated to New Zealand in 2003 as a trained economist, having studied the subject at Hansraj College, Delhi University.

In 2006, she completed a Master degree in International Business from Massey University, and has since been able to translate her strong educational background into an equally strong performance in the banking sector.

High-Profile Clients

As a Relationship Manager, Arpita manages a growing portfolio of high-profile client relationships. On a day-to-day basis, she finds herself recommending best-fit banking products that meet her clients’ needs and financial goals.

Her ability for building and maintaining enduring client relationships comes from her passion for helping people achieve their full financial potential, and a genuine need to go the extra mile in her chosen vocation.

Professional Development

At Westpac, Arpita has benefitted from advice from excellent mentors and a systematic professional development programme. These provisions have helped with a steady growth in her management, sales, finance and investment skills, leading to sustained high levels of personal satisfaction and service to Westpac customers.

Since moving to New Zealand, Arpita has been a regular volunteer in the Auckland Indian Community, performing at concerts, community events, and mentoring budding musicians, thanks to her training in Indian classical music.

She is also a keen artist and loves to travel. She is happily married and is a proud mum of two.






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