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The best Award that a journalist can get is a word of appreciation. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than a smile that indicates satisfaction.

On that score, we are beholden to more than 200 guests who chose to write to us expressing their delight at the way in which the Eighth Annual BNZ-Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards turned out to be on Monday, November 23, 2015 at Sky City Convention Centre.

We have chosen just a few to provide a broad representation of the dignitaries, businesses, manufacturers and professionals who attended the event. We have of course removed some accolades that made us shy!

Steven Joyce, Economic Development Minister

Each year the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards get bigger and bigger with increasing number of guests and participants. This event alone will require a better and bigger Convention Centre.

Dr Don Brash, Deputy Chairman, India Trade Alliance

It was a splendid occasion, and the attendance was a great tribute to you and your colleagues atIndian Newslink. Very many thanks and best wishes.

Dr Richard Worth, Deputy Chairman, India Trade Alliance

Thank you very much for a splendid event on Monday (November 23) and the opportunity to be present in such distinguished company at the India Newslink Indian Business Awards.

I am very much aware that substantial skill and organisation is required to run such events.  I know that the India Trade Alliance team had an informative and highly enjoyable evening.

Anthony Healy, Managing Director & Chief Executive, Bank of New Zealand

We are happy to be the Title Sponsor of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards for the fifth successive year and we are delighted to see it grow every year. We are proud of the Indian business community which has consistently performed well.

Mai Chen, Public Law Specialist and Director, BNZ

I would be happy to get a copy of the superb speech of Dr Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi.

Anwar Ghani, Former President, Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand

I congratulate you and the Indian Newslink team for organising such a successful evening. Your efforts in promoting the Indian Diaspora and its input in New Zealand economy is highly appreciated.

Johnrae Tannen, Regional Manager, Business Banking Auckland West, ANZ

As always the event was super and is getting better and better each year and we enjoyed every minute.

Lawrence Ponniah, Managing Partner, Corban Revell Lawyers

Another successful Awards night. Well done. Thank you for giving Corban Revell the opportunity to be part of the successful evening.

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